Our Mission


Everyone is on a journey

Every single one of us is on a journey, whether we realize it or not. The Dupins are on a journey to move from Michigan to follow God's leading to start a church in the San Francisco East Bay Area, the largest unchurched and dechurched region in the U.S.



"God has called them to a powerful new work" 

"Clint and Michaell have been an overwhelming presence of joy in the Kensington community. They’ve had tremendous impact in people’s lives and have left a huge mark of blessing in so many events and in so many people. Their laughter and joy will be deeply missed here in Detroit, but I believe that God has called them to a powerful new work that will result in a great number of changed lives in the Bay Area. They’ll be missed, but they’re still a part of us. God’s Kingdom is advancing as a result of their obedience.” 

Steve Andrews
Founder & Lead Pastor, Kensington Church



"They lead with integrity and confidence" 

"I’ve had the privilege of knowing Clint and Michaell Dupin for over five years, watching them build a church community in Birmingham and being an integral part of the vision, launch and success of Hope Water Project—a global initiative to bring clean water and the Gospel to a forgotten group of people in Kenya. Both Clint and Michaell have a unique ability to cast a clear vision that inspires others to wake up every day with a sense of urgency to change the world. Not only do they lead with integrity and confidence from the stage, but their day-to-day lives reflect these same values which creates this authenticity about them."

Bill Clark
Executive Director, Hope Water Project



"the most talented and engaging people I know." 

"Clint and Michaell are two of the most talented and engaging people I know.  When I think of people who have both the heart and the gifts to plant a church in an unchurch place to reach unchurched people, the Dupins are at the top of my list.  If God didn't already make it clear he wants me to stay put, I'd move to the Bay Area and join their team. I always want to be around people and ministries that make a significant difference in people's lives. I have no doubt that will be the case with Clint and Michaell and the church they plant."

Michael Perry
President, SpringHill Camps



"She's a great leader, teacher, wife mom and friend." 

"The word that comes to mind when I think of Michaell Dupin is inspiring world changer! Well, that's 3 words, but they all describe her perfectly! She has inspired me and thousands of women and men as she has taught practical insights from God's Word on countless topics. Her authenticity has made so many realize that even though we are flawed, God wants to and can still use us to impact our marriages, families, and communities and the world for the Kingdom of God. She's a great leader, teacher, wife mom and friend. I'm honored to have worked alongside her!

Ann Wilson
Teaching Pastor, Kensington Church